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BI Business Intelligence - Analytics

why bi Many suppliers are active on the market.
They are not always clear in their relationships.

Generic BI

Toolings Analytics Concepts


Definitions an Generic Information

I have many left out, too many. On wikipedia (and more sources) al lot of comparions and lists are found:

Open source as different approach

An incomplete list om common used tools is:
  • (open) Apache: Hadoop as storage processing - mahout and more
  • (open) weka (wiki) see pentaho and rapidminer. weka (waikato)
  • (open)...  

  • Some tools are stand alone or do just a specific job. Other suppliers are delivering a complete integrated solution.

    Integrated Tools

    With integrated products covering whole area there is a global aproach They all follow a same technical structure. It will look like: BI & metadata (SAS)

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    Comparing Reseasrching tools


    Comparing tools (gartner Forrester)

    Gartner is a well known research institute comparing suppliers. With the "emagic quadrant"e some reports. Forester is an other research institue :

    Most reports are not free open, some companies offfer access:

    Other researchers:

    Other references:

    Tools basics    Comparing       Big leaders     Challengers    Nice areas       Related     Greenfield       top bottom

    The Big companies



    Relations when to deliver

    BI battles When as a customer getting the tools from different suppliers they are cooperating to get it run. In that stage it is a win-win for all.

    When goint into an operating stage it can become problematic as every supplier can redirect to another as "not my problem" approach. Than coming into an endless circle

    Support for multiple vendors in use:


    Relation SAS - IBM

    BI battles Relationships are not always clear.
    Most suppliers have a clear working area. Orcale, SAP are making clear directions. The many smaller companies have their own areas.
    IBM is the one that is changing. The old mainframe manufacturer is going to do ... now it is hitting old relationships.

    SAS - Ibms (forbes 2011).

    SAS and IBM are partners according to some news like. Bank of America - Success story
    Many white papers are found to help with the SAS - IBM installations.

    At IBM very little is found.

    More generic:

    IBM bought Cognos SPSS, some less known like Unica. But also Netezza (DBMS like Terradata), Platform Computing (LSF), suppliers that once where reliable SAS partners.


    Relation SAP - SAS

    BI battles Relationships are easy to on changes and not always clear.
    SAP was using SPSS (now IBM) as analytics and needed an other solution.
    R open source looked an option, bought kxen.
    Everyone was assuming SAP and SAS were competitors not being abel to cooperate.

    One would not expect anything, than:


    Relations Revolution Analytics

    BI battles This company is evolving fast and did the challenge to the mentioned leaders wiht the R argument.

    The misunderstanding R is as language free but revolution Analytics is not.
    R pacakges are getting in from open community but also to the others.

    As rather new company it get as lot done:


    SAS logo
    SAS has also bought many small companies, just a list:

    SAS his cooperating with some companies, just a list:

    Supporting SAS, PMML, and Open Source R models, SAS Model Manager Boosts Analytics ROI model evalution is needed. Connection to all kind of tools. (Linkedin pmml group, Zementis - Alex Guazzelli oct 2012)

    SAS is promoting itself as one of the best companies to work for:

    SAS (wiki) has also JMP it started somewhere as a dual analytics line (1989).
    SAS symfonie promote analytics (youtube).

    SAS has long offered SAS/C a C compiler running in every environment. IBM delivered this as TCP/IP option as they where long running just SNA. After 2004 IBM has delivered his own TCP/IP stack. SAS/C is withdrawn as offering.

    IBM BI
    Conceptual figure (2008), SPSS had to be bought yet.
    Current version Cognos is 10 (may 2012) ibm cognos


    IBM Cognos SPSS DB/2 Infosphere

    Acquistions History

    Cognos 8 (2007 info-wiki )
    With subproducts:
    SPSS Statistics (2009 info-wiki)
    Many more (sub)products as of SPSS:
    Unica acquired 2010
    With subproducts

    Metadata has been changed with the name it is not clear. It is there as adminsitration tasks are described.

    infosphere (wiki)
    infosphere is the IBM dataware house approach. With all the databases systems behind it.
    Looks to be a reordering and rebranding and enriching of some older known tools IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Server (formerly WebSphere Customer Center and WebSphere Product Center)

    With subproducts

    IBM Landscape:

    IBM Analytics: The architecture of IBM has hidden many components. These documents give some insight:

    Many more (sub)products as of Unica:

    Lotus has been gone out of sight by Microsoft Excel (spreadsheet) and Outlook (mail) . IBM is still working wiht Lotus products.
    Additional Cognos background:
    Cognos is running a Cgi-bin interface. IBM Cognos Connection User Guide. Installation / configiration (just cognos)
    As all other parts has to be connected (infosphere db2 analytics-mining) it will become a complex environment. This is just cubes/Olap part.

    Consultancies running with IBM

    Oracle BI

    040114 oracle business intelligence suite enterprise edition plus - Data sheet.

    Oracle BI

    Take overs, history:

    Many subproducts: Oracle advanced-analytics (2012)

    SAP BI
    A Conceptual figure (2010). This has changed a lot because SAP was missing everything. Missed the database, DW and analytics parts. They have an ERP origin.



    The founding of SAP is looking like the rise of microsoft. IT outsourcing of Xerox (1972) , IBM isolating it to the new founders. SAP (wiki)
    SAP Dashboards and ther reporting is based on Xcelsius and Crystall (2013) as SAP BO BI 4.0 and bi-dashboards (sap community)
    A list of all SAP Docs as sap-docs mention BW/BI

    SAP_HANA (wiki) is the same direction as Hadoop.
    Better use of cheaper hardware, leaving traditional limitions.

    Take overs, history:
    SAP has the focus on business processes.
    It has his own dedicated language (looks like Cobol): ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming, originally Allgemeiner Berichts-Aufbereitungs-Prozessor, German for "general report creation processor"[1]) is a high-level programming language created by the German software company SAP (wiki)

    SPSS clementine is licensed of by IBM and goal with mining. To be changed is IBM is a competitor. Archive for the -Business Objects- tag (The Business Intelligence Blog) june 2008 Kirthigavasan Predictive Workbench is the result of an OEM deal Business Objects struck last December to offer SPSS’s technology. IBM (NYSE: IBM)’s Cognos struck a similar deal with SPSS in March, and also plans to integrate IBM-developed predictive analytics within Cognos. SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analysis will integrate with Hana, take on SAS and IBM SPSS modeling and analysis tools. (informationweek Cindi Howson mar 2012.

    SAP and HANA: 5 Points of advice for CIOs (zdnet 2013/01)

    SAP related
    On to the big suppliers like SAP a lot of suppliers are building their own service.


    Revolution Analytics (commercial)

    This company is based on using R for analytics but is offerring that in the entrprise edition wich is not licensed for R but as whole you still needed a payment (buy)
    revolutionanalytics   Revolution_Analytics (wiki) watch memory limit.

    Current version 2.15.x 2.15.3, many downloads revolutionanalytics

    This company is the one with the most driving force (commercial) with the R language.
    technical support Free Support , The InsideR Web site—Resources from the R Community, sponsored by Revolution Analytics
    Advanced anlaytics comparions to other commercials have been made.

    microsoft BI

    A Conceptual figure is missing, it are the well known products. (Excel Office, Sql Server, Sharepoint)

    Excel power pivot and MDC are very well known initatives of Microsoft with a big influence.

    It is missing a lot of the more advanced analytics and mining.



    With Excel, SQL server and more one of the bigger suppliers although having functional and technical limitations

    Power view

    Excel being positioned as the all in one interfacing (office 2013)

    Addins Microsoft Office

    Most other big suppliers are delivering something to integrate with Microsoft Office.
    Excel add ons and usage:



    Has bought a lot of suppliers. It is gathering them like CA (Ccomputer Associates) once did.
    It has his origin with data transportation as it has own message queuing protocol Takeovers:

    Becoming to mainstream



    Teradata Teradata Corporation is an American computer company that sells database software for data warehouses and analytic applications, including Big Data. Its products are meant to consolidate data from different sources and make the data available for analysis. By his history it is a long existing company as being a split off from NCR.

    The company is strong with the DBMS being optimizes for a long time to doe anlayses and it had always a different desigg to a common OLTP DBMS. Some statements and error-detection are behaving totally diffferent.
    Terdata is able to connect to IBM-mainframe directly but it uses the channel-connect (fibre) the old direct connection as normal for DASD access.
    Ohter types of machines are connected by the normal ip approach.

    There is a relationship with SAS, they are offering a SAS-appliance. As first I classified it as just a DBMS. As more competitors coming in, I changed that to a sattelite with the conglomerates.
    2013, 2014



    zementis - Adapa Has focus on PMML and data mining.
    After building a model (data mining) it has to be deployed.
    It is the scoring and PMML part with data mining thos company covers. And that look to be doen better than the big-ones.

    zementis support for others

    At first I classified it as nice area. As more competitors coming in, I changed that to a satelite with the conglomerates.



    splunk Focus is delivering this as a -AAS service.
    Supported for types of OS has changed a lot. At first I have seen just Windows but now all types of OS. New tools coming in also (Hunk) connection Hadoop interactive analyses. Download Splunk Enterprise

    splunk into OS stack

    At first I classified it as nice area. But it looks to becoming a part of the OS stack with Linux. I changed that to a base connection with the conglomerates.

    Tools basics    Comparing       Big companies     Challengers    Nice areas       Related     Greenfields       top bottom

    Runner ups, challengers

    Breaking technologies



    sisense Not building on the common approaches but to commodity hardware
    The ElastiCube analytics database was built for modern 64-bit hardware and latest CPU-chip architectures from the ground up, which gives it a considerable kick straight off the bat. 013 BI, CP Customer Performance Management



    Virtue-Desk Data Integration & Management Leve thre relational data model out of mind. Make the datapointers more flexibel.
    Whereas the Relational Model views data as tables, comprising rows of instances and column of attributes, the Associative Model views data as a network of associations expressed through the simple subject-verb-object syntax.
    It has similarities with Network_model but also with Object_database The advantage is the same as for the two of them. High performance and easy changen of the related objects. As NOSQL is hyping for the same reason this more advanced tool could be the better choice.



    Open source - free R language

    With statistics the R language and pacakges is often mentioned.
    It is "C" based buildm Some Fortran in it. (technology very common is 1990-s)
    r-project R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. It compiles and runs on a wide variety of UNIX platforms, Windows and MacOS

    R is working mostly in memory. By that it gets all limitations of that approach.


    statsoft With datamining analyses this product is often mentioned.
    Searching within the installation it is only windows based.
    statistica (statsoft) Data mining with statistica (youtube)

    electronic Statistics texbook StatSoft has freely provided the Electronic Statistics Textbook as a public service for more than 17 years now

    Current version statistica 11 (juli 2012) statsoft

    Statsoft referring Rexer analytics survey (2011) solutions sas-alternative


    In the technical area (embedded software) matlab is a very copmmon used tool. matlab mathworks MATLAB is a programming environment for algorithm development, data analysis, visualization, and numerical computation




    This is a German company. Delivering the tool as open source, connected to weka project. The enterprise edition is not free, offering more and support with it.
    Searching within the installation it is windows based or others (java?).
    rapid-i   The old name used was YALE.

    See the weka connection.

    Current version rapidminer 5.2 (august 2012) rapid Miner - download

    Reporting Olap

    qlikview   QlikTech (wiki)  Is about all visualation data. It is not the advance analytics / big data/ mining.
    Has a free download version for personal usage. Sources can be all kind likes salesforce SAP Oracle Pricing: qlikview  

    tableau Supported OS is just Windows. Focus is on presentation of data, data visualation.

    informationbuilders   Information_Builders (wiki)  Information Builders is a privately held software company, with its headquarters in New York City. Information Builders is known for their business intelligence tools FOCUS and WebFOCUS.

    lumina.com Their website describes aside functionality also a clear pricing. It is postioned as better then Excel.
    Whats wrong with spreadsheets including the analytica approach.
    lavastorm (wiki) has a long history within analytics.

    The graphical approach as visualizing analyses is the main argument.

    jedox Fully build on top of Excel. Eliminating all Excel shortcomings. Using Office addin, mobile connection, Olap , Web, GPU, Sandboxing. Deutsche grundlichheit
    A home starters approach is free to use (base version).
    The premium version ia having all the features needed at businesses base / premium
    Board 2013 BI, CP Customer Performance Management
    Annouced Halfords leaving Cognos and using board (2013). The others at the customerlist are not that well known.
    Could be a runner up. Bloor research , Halfords marketing

    biready Building a dwh.

    kognitio Started as in memory classic BI. Inocuding Hadoop and R for analytics part

    pervasive bigdata Company is listed at Nasdaq. Offices in Europe and Japan.
    Complete productlines, Cloud SAAS, supported hardware OS to be checked.
    Pervasive Big Data provides tools for data scientists and business analysts to transform and analyze big data into actionable insights.
    pervasive note on wiki


    pentaho.com (open source) Has a Data Integration and BI part. The business model is in support / addtional features. An overview of all part is available.
    kettle.pentaho.com Kettle, Penthaho reporting, Mondrian, and Weka are one family.

    Talend DI
    talend.com (open source) Has it focus on Data Integration ELT ETL. The business model is in support / addtional features. Not clear what parts.

    Tools basics    Comparing       Big companies     Challengers    Nice areas       Related     Greenfields       top bottom

    Nice areas


    PSPP PSPP is a program for statistical analysis of sampled data. It is a Free replacement for the proprietary program SPSS, and appears very similar to it with a few exceptions.

    Using the SAS language offering an alternative.
    teamwpc.co.uk the company behind WPS. minequest WPS reseller, WPS_General_Overview
    European court legalized offering alternative language solutions.

    WPS question & answers linkedin SAS Professional Forum

    Etl olap report

    dbxtra.com report building without the need of SQl knowledge.

    windward.net Bi for endusers.

    matillion.com Cloud based ETL reporting Olap.

    kalido Agile datawarehousing.

    FICO Model Central Solution
    blaze advisor After building a model (data mining) it has to be deployed.
    Yottamine is cloud based analyses. Data mining, SVM and regressions.

    Jolicharts cloud based analyses. Up to 50Mb caculation and 5 datasources for free.
    no contact numbers location or names. Only a french tel: number (+33 ..) leading to verteego.com

    custora is cloud based analyses. Focussed on customer analytics.

    lavastorm Their website refers a free/public deskstop version and a demo.
    lavastorm (wiki) no real long BI or analytics history found

    The graphical approach drawing lines, opening up subjects looks like Eguide of SAS.
    As other modern development tools have this type of interaction it is desktop bound. Breaking-Through-the-Analytic-Limitations-of-Acces (code project mar 2013)

    polisys The origin. Controlling food supply of aa nation (US).

    The analysis backgrounds

    spagoBI (open source and cloud=on demand) Italian based company spreading over the world.
    The business model relies on user-support, maintenance and cloud processing (are documented at site).

    Is build arround a lot of other open sources tools like weka, talend, mondrian (olap) and more. spago BIComponents

    Tools basics    Comparing       Big companies     Challengers    Nice areas       Related     Greenfields       top bottom

    Others Related

    Others related

    Salesforce.com   Salesforce.com (wiki)  Is about all arround sales. Will be able to give the figures and pictures. It is not analytics.
    Saleforce is running in the cloud. All data and support has moved out.

    pega startup with analytics.
    It is positioned primary as a CRM tool. forrester crm pega (2012)

    birst Contains a goed full description of their tools. Deployed on cloud / appliance / embedded. Used technology is missing.
    Is comparing it self to clickview
    birst whitepapers common sens like the cite> 11 Key Questions to Ask of a BI Solution

    logi analytics
    logianalytics   recently changed name from logixml (wiki)  is a company that develops and sells Business Intelligence (BI) software to private and public enterprises worldwide. Based in McLean, Virginia, USA, it was launched by Arman Eshraghi, is privately owned.

    Data processing

    Greenplum EMC
    greenplum.com/products Notice the EMC connection,acquired 2010.
    The Focus is on big data. The Horziontal Data Base oriented is an optimization for big data. Not to be used with OLTP (like classic Oracle).
    Storage optimization is within the EMC connection.

    pivotal HD (feb 2013) Joining the Hadoop hype. With Advanced Database Services servicing SQL.

    Vertica Vertica Systems is an analytic database management software company.

    The grid-based, column-oriented, Vertica Analytic Database is designed to manage large, fast-growing volumes of data and provide very fast query performance when used for data warehouses and other query-intensive applications. Its design features include:


    Operating System combined

    jaspersoft Has a GPL license but the commercials editons have to be licensed. Resellers are the standard way.
    As it is full java based the promise is tot run Linux, Windows, Apple, Aix and others (java/Unix based) It is the same like Red Hat the will known Linux company. Jaspersoft is part of the Red Hat Exchange (RHX) market place for open source solutions.

    Not really belonging in the BI area, but products are crossing the borders.


    druid (open source) The druid is a tools that allows users to create databases in a graphical way.

    looker Looker removes the complexities of querying raw data while exploiting the complexity of the data itself.
    IT is quering but removing the cubes. Pricing is documented

    Ideal analytics
    looker (cloud based)
    Data must be uploaded. Personal up to 1Gb is free. Entgerpise pricing is documented

    paraccel.com Positioned as analytiscs platform.
    Appears to be more a database system with optional statistical fucntions. Similar to terradata greenplum vertica and others.


    stattransfer Their website with a free/public deskstop version and a demo.
    Stat/Transfer Version 11 supports the following file formats

    As the only goal is tranporting files between the dedicated Statiscal formats it is not the analaytics. Using several analytic software tools this can be very necessary.
    ProductsServices (syncsort). Is not in the main stream of analytics.
    MFX (formerly SyncSort) is the only mainframe data processing solution to help drive ROI with a unique combination of high performance, optimal hardware utilization and ease of use. Syncsort (wiki) DMWexpress is meant for Windows/Unix-Linux. It is playing a role in better perfomance by better software. DMEexpress is getting into Hadoop. .

    This chapter provides instructions for making host sort routines available to SAS 9.3. The only supported host sort routine is SyncSort.
    List found software
    link name type - date
    alyuda dedicated solutions (2012)
    analyse-it excel add-in (2012)
    palisade @risk stattools excel add-in (2012)

    mahout (apache)
    mahout This is the mining part within Apache. Hadoop and svn are other parts. This software is for free.
    IBM as sponsor is strongly related with ASF see asf thanks page .

    knime (wiki) KNIME, the Konstanz Information Miner, is an open source data analytics, reporting and integration platform. KNIME integrates various components for machine learning and data mining through its modular data pipelining concept. A graphical user interface allows assembly of nodes for data preprocessing (ETL: Extraction, Transformation, Loading), for modeling and data analysis and visualization.
    knime.org , knime.com

    Tools basics    Comparing       Big leaders     Challengers    Nice areas       Related     Greenfield       top bottom

    Green fields

    Other technologies

    coffingdw Windows oriented .. focuses is in software development for the data warehouse ..
    raqsoft esProc seCalc
    Windows oriented ..esProc is more ease-of-use and capable script for statistical computing. .. esCalc is a smarter spreadsheet for business data calculating
    bigml.com A fully webbased service for model building from uploaded data. The cleasning and other steps are missing. Background of model decisions must be analysed
    bigml.com Voldemort is a distributed data store that is designed as a key-value store used by LinkedIn for high-scalability storage
    Voldemort is still under development. It is neither an object database, nor a relational database. It does not try to satisfy arbitrary relations and the ACID properties, but rather is a big, distributed, fault-tolerant, persistent hash table
    Julia Julia is a high-level, high-performance dynamic programming language for technical computing, with syntax that is familiar to users of other technical computing environments. It provides a sophisticated compiler, distributed parallel execution, numerical accuracy, and an extensive mathematical function library.
    Should become a replacement of R. julia - r (blog.revolutionanalytics)

    Unclassified technologies

    Datascape, Daden
    Daden Focussed on data visualisation with datascape. Free version for private non-commercial use available.

    geniq (Bruce Ratnerel) Buidling easy Predictive analytics.

    bix software Focussed on reporting by web.

    weave open source initiative reporting and analytics on web.

    GO Pivotal
    gom pivotal Cloud initiative. Spinn off (greenplum vmware)
    Pivotal brings together selected technology, people, and programs from EMC and VMware including Greenplum, Cloud Foundry, Spring, GemFire and other products from the VMware vFabric Suite, Cetas, and Pivotal Labs.

    Gooddata Covali
    gooddata Cloud initiative running BI (reports).
    covaligroup Using Qlikview and Gooddata as a service.


    mybias Selling themselve as "Improved Reporting for COBOL legacy systems" bya mybias Cloud, private and inhouse approach. SAP partner implementing it using that.


    Global Software inc.
    Global Software inc.
    Altough based on some old AS/400 solutions the interface to Excel is a quite other and possible smart area.
    Global Software, Inc. is the official author of the Automation Road Map Strategy™ for spreadsheets and the No. 1 provider of Microsoft® Excel-based automation and analysis tools to the leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms in the world today including: SAP®, Oracle®, JD Edwards®, PeopleSoft® ,Infor®, and many more.

    pyramid analytics
    pyramidanalytics Supported OS Windows building into Microsoft BI. Also cloud option.

    netsuite Focus on replacing Excel by a Cloud approach -AAS service.

    root - cern
    troot - cern a project at Cern building tools. Scalla, Roofit, Roostats Xrootd.

    2012/08/social-network-analysis1-free-powerful (predictive-models.blogspot.nl)
    NodeXL is a free, open-source template for Microsoft® Excel® 2007 and 2010 that makes it easy to explore network graphs.

    Tools basics    Comparing       Big companies     Challengers    Nice areas       Related     Greenfields       top bottom
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