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Enterprise Architecting

praba-s view

Subjects - Design Architectures view

IAF can be used as: Enterprise Architecture an IT Architecture.

The architectural approach is not my main concern at this moment. I would like to get more involved into that working area.

I have collected some information from architectural views. This should help me to understand architects and architects to understand the more technical details of the work I have done and doing.

EA domains

Enterprise & IT Architecture

IAF wiki: enterprise architecture framework
Tafim wiki: Technical Architecture Framework for Information Management
Togaf wiki: The Open Group Architecture Framework
blog prabashiva An architects blog
In the domains reference architecture I find my main working area within " Information/Data "

When connection all other information (see links) there is much overlapping. BI is defined as most of the Information/Data domain.
To be able to get BI implemented also the other domains Technical/infrastructure, Business architecture, application integration /are needed.

praba-s view

prabas model view (I saved his picture) . By searching the web I found the blog of prabasiva. He made a nice picture of the working area of an Enterprise Architect. All Architecture reference models I found, are focussing on a dedicated area.

Praba´s figure also indicates start(input) - result(output) and:
Software Development Life cycle wiki: sdlc   sdc   alm   release life lcm products
Governance wiki: IT Governance
Compliance wiki: Compliance
Security wiki: computer   information   audit  
Tools wiki: tool   bi ?   bi-tool
Process wiki: business
The figure of Praba does not contain the links I have added.

I was amazed to find a link described as bi-tools. Life-Cycle was a problem to find a good description, product life cycle also applies I think.

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Cloud computing

IT Virtualization

Cloud_computing Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product
SAAS software delivery model in which software and its associated data are hosted centrally
PAAS deliver a computing platform and/or solution stack as a service
IAAS deliver computer infrastructure –typically a platform virtualization environment– as a service
DAAS separates a personal computer desktop environment from a physical machine
Scalability handle growing amount of work in a capable manner
DAAS/ VDI (techtarget)   desktone the company claiming the DAAS to be invented.
Nothing to be added to this links as personal notes.
Just one thing, Computer resources (The hardware)

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EA layers

EA Layers

Within the layers IAF of the enterprise architect I find the connection to my DTAP modelling. This model is given in the DTAP chapter.

This figure suggests al attention is needed to technologoy. I would prefer the triangle upside down, most attention to business. In that case however the foundation looks not stable.

Note: The application layer is defined in this figure as something out of the business process, is custom off the-shelf software.

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EA model communcation

EA Communication models

In the communication there is lot of misunderstanding just the word like the word application (see above) is not enough te get the meaning equal to all persons.
Change the order of words can change it meaning dramatically. In the IT environment we suffer a lot from misunderstandings. Like: System_software   Software_system there is already a difference.

In the EA architecture is the subject view model describing the communication to diferent target audiances.

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