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glossary Concepts Regulations - Generic

regulations In a community some order msut be there to be stable.

Wit the order this must be enforced in some way.

Governance - privacy





papers Governance is the act of governing. It relates to decisions that define expectations, grant power, or verify performance. It consists of either a separate process or part of management or leadership processes. These processes and systems are typically administered by a government
Court - Justice
legal Curia: Since the establishment of the Court of Justice of the European Union in 1952, its mission has been to ensure that "the law is observed" "in the interpretation and application" of the Treaties.

As part of that mission, the Court of Justice of the European Union:


Empire rise-fall

measuring social inequality
Gini_coefficient (wiki)
Economic_inequality (wiki)
predicting cycli
Nikolai_Kondratiev (wiki)
The phases of Kondratiev's waves also carry with them social shifts and changes in the public mood. (wiki)
Unlike the short-term business cycle, the long wave of this theory is not accepted by current mainstream economics.
social problems after W1
Great_Depression (wiki)
Weimar_Republic (wiki)
Appeasement#The_aftermath_of_the_First_World_War (wiki)

Social instability
Peter_Turchin (wiki)
Thomas_Piketty (wiki econmic inequality)
Dynamics of political instability in the United States, 1780–2010 (wiki)
contributions to population ecology and historical dynamics. According to ISIHighlyCited.com, Turchin is one of the top cited authors in the field of Ecology/Environment.
Mathematicians Predict the Future With Data From the Past (Klint Finley refers Peter_Turchin april 2013)
Human cycles: History as science (laura Spinney refers Peter_Turchin august 2012 nature)



Are getting more and more into news.
. fire arms
List of countries by firearm-related death rate (wiki)
video-games-gun-violence-chart (theatlanticwire dec 2012)
United_States_Constitution (wiki)
Second_Amendment_to_the_United_States_Constitution (wiki)
gun-rights-advocates-should-fear-history-of-second-amendment (daileybeast)
Lone_wolf_(terrorism) (wiki)
Fort_Hood_shooting (wiki)
Anders_Behring_Breivik (wiki)
The Striking Relationship Between Gun Safety Laws and Firearm Deaths Thealtanticcities (Richard Florida Mar 07, 2013) Comments (ctpost 2013 jan)
Obama: Now is the time (ctpost 2013 jan)
Obama-plan-eases-freeze-on-cdc-gun-violence-research (nbcnews 2013 jan)
More Guns = More Killing (nytimes 2013 jan)
Strenge wapenwet helpt niet tegen gestoorden (Elsevier NL dec 2012)
addiction (wikipedia) Addictions can include, but are not limited to
denial addiction (wikipedia)
The Four Symptoms Of Addiction…To Anything (erin confession)


papers Privacy_law Privacy law is the area of law concerning the protecting and preserving of privacy rights of individuals. While there is no universally accepted privacy law among all countries, some organizations promote certain concepts be enforced by individual countries
The wiki site references some countries and their laws.
big brother , big brother (2)
robocop OCP
Animal Farm All ... are equal, but some ... are more equal than others

1984 (george Orwell)

Within Europe privacy has more attention than in the US. The novell 1984 with the background written in 1948 declares a lot of the political history in the cold war.
Big brother has become No matter the dictator background a nation or corporation it is the same dystopian
SOPA Patriot_Act
EFF EFF is a donor-funded nonprofit and depends on your support to continue successfully defending your digital rights.
‘La difference’ is stark in EU, U.S. privacy laws Europeans reserve their deepest distrust for corporations, while Americans are far more concerned about their government invading their privacy.

cientists-demonstrate-how-hackers-could-unlock-your-genetic-secrets (2013/01 nbcnews)


Global Regulations

The most generic and global are: human rights (united nations)

The generic human rights are not specific to privacy or data security.

An old site with an overview and some history is: A Summary of United Nations Agreements on Human Rights (hrweb.org)

Data Protection - Generic

As inforamtion about this is hardly found. Some links:
Data_security (wiki)
Data_governance (wiki)

Data Protection - privacy

secure Data_Protection_Directive (wiki) The Data Protection Directive (officially Directive 95/46/EC on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data) is a European Union directive which regulates the processing of personal data within the European Union. It is an important component of EU privacy and human rights law.

The United States prefers what it calls a 'sectoral' approach to data protection legislation, which relies on a combination of legislation, regulation, and self-regulation, rather than governmental regulation alone.[10] Former U.S. President Bill Clinton and former Vice-President Al Gore explicitly recommended in their "Framework for Global Electronic Commerce" that the private sector should lead, and companies should implement self-regulation in reaction to issues brought on by Internet technology.


privacy-data, world wide countries

Western oriented

subject down under
Protecting Information Rights
Advancing Information Policy
human rights commission Australian
subject American
Security_breach_notification_laws (wiki) US
Federal Privacy Laws Canada´s prb0744-e
subject Far east
Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Act No. 57 of 2003) (cas.go.jp) Japan
Federal Privacy Laws Canada´s prb0744-e


Data Protection - privacy (eu)

Data_Protection_Act (wiki) is a starting point at UK information.
The ico The ICO is here to help you understand what the Data Protection Act, Freedom of Information Act and related issues mean to you. We can advise you on how to protect your personal information and how to gain access to official records.

This has propagated to EU level:
The legal reference of the Personal data protection in the European Institutions and Bodies is the "Regulation (EC) 45/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2000 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions and bodies and on the free movement of such data".
Privacy Protection In 2012, the Commission proposed a major reform of the EU legal framework on the protection of personal data. The new proposals will strengthen individual rights and tackle the challenges of globalisation and new technologies.

National Data Protection Authorities in the Member States of the European Union
National Data Protection Laws in the Member States of the European Union

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Within the Social aspects. The area of opinons some to be caught by statistics data mining etc

Much was kept undisclosed at the higer levels.

This chapter is just a collection to more details.


Pension provision and Individual Savings

Life age demograph

IPCC Climat

climat debate
By some time this get a lot of attention.
The controversy is caused by using bad statistics and proofs.

Climatic_Research_Unit_email_controversy (wiki)   The_Great_Global_Warming_Swindle (wiki)   Public_opinion_on_climate_change (wiki)

The hockeystick growth is showing limits:
Michael_E._Mann (wiki)   Club_of_Rome (wiki)   The_Limits_to_Growth (wiki)
falsification glacier (daily mail) jan 2010 falsification sea level (newsbusters, Noel Sheppard) jan 2007 Fakegate: The Obnoxious Fabrication of Global Warming (forbes) jan 2012 CRISIS OF CONFIDENCE IN THE IPCC (qpw.senate.com) jan 2010

Climatic_Research_Unit_email_controversy (wiki) Global_warming_conspiracy (wiki)
Russian Astrophysicist Predicts Global Cooling (thegwpf.org)
The surprisingly weak case for global warming (statisticsblog.com)
Statistical evidence of global warming ?? (analyticbridge) Statistical evidence of global warming ??

In the longer time limits there is van be no discussion.
Earth is no constant. See Alfred Wegeners moving continents.
Oxygen we are dependant of, is caused by other living creatures. These creatures have changed the world. Putting oxygen into the air where it did not exist.
Human influence
There will by human influence as they all want to live.
The question should be: can it be controlled in a way without collapsing?
Climat knowledge
warming stopped 16 years ago (2012)


Economic history

. economics
econmical stability
Economics keynesian (wiki) macro economics
Economic history of Germany (wiki) measuring social inequality
Marshall_Plan - European Recovery Program, ERP (wiki) Marshall_Plan - European Integration (wiki) social stability
Isoroku_Yamamoto (wiki) pearl harbor lift of.
Battle_of_Stalingrad (wiki)
The_Holocaust (wiki)
Josef_Ganz (wiki) volkswagen
Fritz_Haber (wiki) the ironie of Zyklon-B
MV_Wilhelm_Gustloff (wiki) links to KDF
MS_St._Louis (wiki) Voyage of the Damned
Economic history of Germany (wiki) measuring social inequality
politcal stability
democracy (wiki)
Socalism (wiki)
Capitalism (wiki)
Populism (wiki)
Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time; (1947 206) debates/2154-democracy

DNA tracing
Resolving Individuals Contributing Trace Amounts of DNA to Highly Complex Mixtures Using High-Density SNP Genotyping Microarrays (plosgentics).

Tax rates
. economics
Laffer Curve (forbes)
Laffer Curve (wiki)
Trabandt_Mathias (ecb affordable interest rates nations)
seven deadly innocent frauds of economic policy (moslereconomics)
risk-headlines (garp 2012 1 aug) Central bankers face pressure to boost growth
Tenth coin
Dutch_Revolt (wiki) The tenths on tax a revenues was a decison point.

Thithe (wiki) Several European countries operate a formal process linked to the tax system allowing some churches to assess tithes. (10 procent)

American_Revolution (wiki) tax revenues were political decison points.
American_Civil_War (wiki) The Revenue Act of 1861, included the first U.S. Federal income tax statute

National differences
102% tax-rate Astrid lindgren (wiki) In 1976, a scandal arose in Sweden when Lindgren's marginal tax rate was publicized to have risen to 102%. This was to be known as the "Pomperipossa effect" from a story she published in Expressen[7] on 3 March 1976. The publication led to a stormy tax debate

*-tax-strategy-aims-at-low-tax-states-and-nations (nytimes) As it has in Nevada, Apple has created subsidiaries in low-tax places like Ireland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the British Virgin Islands — some little more than a letterbox or an anonymous office — that help cut the taxes it pays around the world.

tax-rates-u-highest-world (yahoo)
rich-tax-low-rate-246 (rt.com)
how-avoid-paying-tax-maximise-income (guardian)
Who are Romney's 47% that don't pay tax? (guardian)
0% Gains Tax: Grab It Before It's Gone (wsj) Even some investors with substantial assets can shelter investment profits from Uncle Sam
The backlash against the rich has gone global (ft)
Forbes_list_of_billionaires (wiki)
fiscal-steward greece germany us (qz.com 2013 jan 15)

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Historic references


History Of Human

Humans are learning the "How to-s" from each other.
Some historical context should be kept in mind. Just a personal selection (generic):

Persons Subject Area
Isaac_Newton (1700) physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, alchemist and theologian
Gregor_Mendel (1850) Mendelian inheritance
Charles_Darwin (1860) On the Origin of Species
Alfred_Wegener (1950) continental drift
machines tools Social environment
fire cooking eating
wheel moving
agriculture farming feeding many people
ship (---,1700) moving arround the world
Steam_engine (1850) start of industrial time
transistor (1950) start of electronics
Persons Modern times I
Einstein (1935) German-born theoretical physicist who developed the general theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics
Persons Modern times II
Richard_Feynman 1960 - American theoretical physicist known for his work in the path integral formulation of quantum mechanics, the theory of quantum electrodynamics, and the physics of the superfluidity of supercooled liquid helium, as well as in particle physics CargoCult

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