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P&T Middleware

Tuning Performance

tuning & design

Support SAS Grid analytics

Grid SAS There are many suppliers. Also many suppliers connecting to SAS Grid can be found as technical papers or opinions.
Open source hadoop in-memory , is in news as buzzing. hadoop wiki SAS support blog Troester

The GPU (instead CPU) could be used but not always. Some statements grid cuda Basel 2011 SAS.

Grid Connect

SAS setup in grid As performance is very important to you, it should start with the hardware design in mind with the expected load. As we can´t foresee the future this will be continuously evolving process. More a design question how to get the storage well behaved data sharing in grid

The balancing of the load is set up by a grid environment. This approach is completely different compared to a single machine or desktop usage thinking. See the paper: 391-2008 balancing load
sas-grid Faq questions answers
The same picture is coming back in every grid analytics with SAS.

Hardware parallel

datacenter The following is the mindset to follow: This mindset is complete different to thinking to save on hardware because of low impact loads to be shared on same machines.

Hardware classic

The IO, the speed to the storage, is the most limiting resource in the building blocks as it is the slowest of all. So this has the most attention in speeding up.
Documents are found in the miner-7 system requirements.


Hig availabilyt

Fail Save grid
netwerk Platform Ego is part of the Platform Suite for SAS. EGO (VMO) is a collection of cluster orchestration software components that, among other things, provide high availability to critical services. The following figure shows the overall architecture and how these components fit within the SAS grid fail over context: 001-2009 High Availability     374-2011 re-architecting

What is described is an advanced cluster of hardware setup with all options to deliver performance and availablity.
It is a dedicated setup, not one you would have imagined in this way.

It is the tooling of Platform that is used to solve all the requirements. When checking this, it is IBM company (since october 2011).
vm orchestrator

cuda or opencl is not implemented by SAS. They are focussing on big data. With R it is possible ro use R by SAS/IML . In that way parallel processing for floating popint calculations can be optimized to higer limits.

Metadata server clustering
468-2013 Enhance Your High Availability Story by Clustering Your SAS® Metadata Server in SAS® 9.4 .

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Plan the hardware for expected usage

Generic Machine

From SAS a view-point How to Maintain Happy SAS® Users (nesug07/as/as04)
320-2010 Virtualization in a UNIX Environment and SAS
MovingVirtuaVMware is a paper describing the virtualization effects on hardware planning
WindowsServer2008ConfigurationandTuning is a paper with win2008 (win7) performance notes. The caching problem of large data is described

miner 12.1 system requirements.
Left open the real question. Your datasize and work.
high-performance-analytics MPP SMP appliance , are the key factors
on site = build your own saas
cloud or on-demand by saas delivered

Some Old links:

p269-26 mp connect multi processing connect ----- c-sas sas i/o


blog desktop desktop blog. VDI limiting in resources - performance

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SAS Internal tuning



002-28 Reducing the CPU Time of Your SAS Jobs by More than 80%
When starting with analyses of SAS performance this is a good start practicalperf employing host based tools

Options Tuning SAS

Transport - exchangeable

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latencies img

SAS With OS tuning


linux logo
Some SAS documents
Spread of SASwork was not easy within an Unix environment. With SAS 93 it can be configured to choose from multiple predefined SASwork definitions. Ask your sasdmin. work round robin
Just in the process of sorting there is an third option aside the two of OS-level SAS performance, search for syncsort: 93 Config Unix

Some SAS documents

Some IBM documents

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SAS design    SAS tuning    SAS & OS    DBMS intfc     links      top  bottom

Old days computing Mainframe img

Mainframe SMF SDSF

MXG mainframe whitepaper of SAS for getting Mainframe into the new approach. The TK service as scalability.

Mainframe SMF SDSF

The syncsort option mfx is an old option to boost sort performance mfx (syncsort mainframe)

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DBMS interfaces

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A package is an organized collection of connections, control flow elements, data flow elements, event handlers, variables, parameters, and configurations, that you assemble using either the graphical design tools that SQL Server Integration Services provides, or build programmatically. Integration Services (SSIS) Packages

Migrating DTS Packages to Integration Services SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) brings a revolutionary concept of enterprise-class ETL to the masses. The engine is robust enough to handle hundreds of millions of rows with ease, but is simple enough to let both developers and DBAs engineer an ETL process.

We Loaded 1TB in 30 Minutes with SSIS, and So Can You This paper outlines what it took: the software, hardware, and configuration used. We will describe what we did to achieve that result, and offer suggestions for how to relate these techniques to typical scenarios.

MS Access

Access 2010 specifications This article has information about the limits of Microsoft Access database files and objects. In most cases when a database exceeds the following limits it might be an indication of a design issue.

Performance Tips To Speed Up Your Access 2007 Database Some of the tips might contradict other tips, but they are offered because bottlenecks differ in each situation. Some tips might make things run faster on your system, while others degrade performance. You should evaluate each tip as it applies to your specific application running on your specific hardware.

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SAS design    SAS tuning    SAS & OS    DBMS intfc     links      top  bottom


SAS design    SAS tuning    SAS & OS    DBMS intfc     links      top  bottom
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