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SAS architecture SAAS

SAS SAAS (cloud computing)

Service Oriented Architecture

This SAAS approach is at the moment also indicated as cloud processing. The selling issue is: don´t bother about the IT questions -hardware- and -installation-. It is a running environment ready to use that is the promise to be delivered.

SAS Background


SAS institute

The SAS institute company has described themselves.


modern EIP, Enterprise Intelligence Platform was the name SAS used until recent to indicate their framework/appliance. With the change of buzz-words, BAF Business Analytics Framework is used now. As internal SAS certification for installation also EBI Enterprise Business Intelligence is found.

The complete design I have tried to put in a presentation.
This master design is the same for all comparable solutions. This applies not only for SAS solutions, but also from Oracle IBM or open source offerings. They are all doing the same thing.

In this approach comman ways are:

SAS - Old time

oldtime Most people know SAS of the SAS-language approach doing statistics. The SAS/Base language is still there as the major processing part, although not always visible. The SAS Metdataserver

The major concepts of SAS language should be understood with its advantages and anamolies. These are:

SAS SAAS (cloud computing)

SAAS evolvement

SAS came a long evolutionary way still evolving, 10-wishes 2011   Vansug-Nov2011.
The way information is presented by SAS to the business has also changed.
You tube SAS model Manager is showing the model management approach with the option of R models integration.


together The way of implementing SAS also has changed. To be able to offer SAS usage in less critical information environments they offer no on-demand services.
See link: SAS on demand . This change has started with the take-over of the IDEAS company.

Wether it should be a SAAS (Software As A Service) or PAAS (Platform As A Service) or AAAS (Analytics As A Service) is a game of the words. More Visons like:

The formerly dedicated student license has been abandoned in favor of "SAS on demand". This is free to use at universities and education purposes.
Some Strategy statements: SAS in the cloud, value ally - blog     New SAAS offerings - dmnews

The strategy with company´s partners and alliances can be found at the SAS site.
SAS companies     SAS partners     Accenture alliance    

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Company sizing

small airport old Kitira-gr

There are many smaller IT-companies that are able to deliver something nice as a shared service. In this way even the smallest companies are able to use SAS.

I have connections to SAS professionals working at these smaller companies.

Small & Mid size companies

The smaller companies normally don´t have enough budget or business requirements to implement a BI SAS solution.

If you don't have the budget of having at least 2 people getting educated and working on this. You are classified as a too small company doing this totally by yourself.
SAS For Small and Midsize Business , SAS Business Intelligence for Midsize Business is a move of SAS institute get this part of the IT-market covered.
The fact sheet BI SMB gives an impression what SAS is doing.

big airport new Athens-gr

There should by a well defined business goal. Big companies have a name of the many internal struggling, getting out of business processes focus.

Getting some dedicated consultants in to do some part of a job can be a good decision.

Big companies

Big companies have budget and business requirements to implement a BI SAS solution. The IT governance with all information security is this area should be sufficient.

The BI-server fact sheet gives an impression what SAS is doing. fact sheet SAS enterprise BI-server

Implementation SAS BI

The way of an implementation must be understood and supported by all involved persons
With this in mind you can start with agreeing one ore more solution lines with licenses and do a startup with Installing SAS.
IBStrategies is giving an idea of Integrated BI with analytics.

BI generic

In my BI analytics chapters more alternatives of BI-tools and Analytics are gathered

SAS Background    Company sizing    SAAS Planning    SAAS by SAS    top  bottom

BI & metadata (SAS)

SAAS Plan it by your Self

Design Business Functionality

The first step is to make yourself clear and document the functionality you: really need, would like, nice to have. See:
With this information you can make a plan which licenses in which kind of environments are good candidates.
The kind requirements to met auditing and policies guidelines.

To go further in this process, the design of SAS components should be understand.
Otherwise the impact of major decision points can&t given any insight.

Contracts & machines

Plan hardware software costs (TCO)
License plan failure The Second step is to evaluated expected costs on machines licenses and operational costs. Use your planned candidates

You should make a contract to licenses with agreed prices as soon as possible. It is very tempting to start with something nice. You are giving your wallet to the account manger. He will come with a bill he likes afterwards. At that moment you have little opportunities left to do something different.

The game of contracts and prices is not fixed list. A lot of negotiation is to do. Don´t forget to include the required consulting time. This time can also be very costly.
Some prices can be found at reselling point with governments involved.

Type of licenses

You can negotiate licenses on:
Solutions lines with number of agreed users.
BI server / DI Server combinations are mostly included. Client software is included, all clients you want?
BI/DI Server lines
Addtional optiosn are:
  1. agreed number of users
  2. total machine capacity
  3. machine sub capacity
Classic SAS foundation
With this option a list of selected subset modules is used. Normally total machine capacity based. This approach it the claasic way
  1. agreed number of users, Used as worstation approach not on servers
  2. total machine capacity, It is the total box capacity not to virtual or used measurements
  3. machine sub capacity, an relative new option is a follow up on hardware virtualization

Pricing Information
There is many hidden of this. A procurement supplierguide statement is found. Some products have clear statements as nextsteps SAS PC environment
The first year policy is a faq note: first year faq
Bundling of Eguide wit SAS-pc is just in a presentation found
Eguide with PC-SAS

As the combinations of all approaches is ver complicated a have put a selection at: investigation offerings Overview solution / tool / component base parts


US Government prices are more clear and easy to find at execinfosys
Confidentially Integrity Availability (CIA)
As we are dealing with Information Technology (IT), words as Confidentiality Integrity, Availability, Short as CIA (information security) are important with the approach of the business goal.

All possible impacts, benefits, disadvantages, involved risks, must be surveyd. Some understanding of the decison makers is expected. BCP Business_continuity_planning is one of the aspects.

Apologies for all the difficult technical words used at the first introduction steps. The goal of my SAS notes is getting it all to the most technical details, the level normal people do not want to know.


The hardware virtualization is said to be a cost-saving. As long you look just to hardware this is true.
Making the view to a TCO (Total Coast of Ownership) there are big pitfalls. These are in the licensing of additional software.

See: Virtualization_software_licensing (Wikipedia),
Virtualization news & blog (Jeff Greenwald - Flexera Software)
Business impact penalty cost licensing example (Christina Torode, Forrester Research) .

The result can be saving relative small ammounts on hardware followed by a huge rise of cost caused by additional licensing of software.

Plan support & operations

The wanted Business Functionality must also become operational en reliable to some level of agreements.
All needed Life Cycle Management requirements (fixes , releases) must be possible and reasonable solved
You should get sufficient support staff with the required knowledge of this to this

When you make some mistakes or wrong assumptions than it will cost you money, wasted money.


license Contents

Mistakes or not foreseen consequences can have high impacts.
See: sap-and-indirect-access-is-sap-taking-advantage-of-its-customers (May 8, 2012 by Dave Blake)
Statement of claiming your internal business data needed as a SAP license (indirect access).

license Advice

Mostly the smartest and optimal way can be achieved by the first option (solution users counted). The other two are more candidates with conversion approaches of existing implementations.

The common way of licensing with SAS has advantages and disadvantages.
Disadvantage: you have to renew the license every year
Advantage: you have the right to get the newest versions without additional costs
Don´t change to often licensing options. The first year is more expensive then renewals. The difference is more than 50%.

Don´t jump into subcapacity licensing to easy.
Disadvantage: you'll get a setinit license blocked tot the named machine and that number of logical processors.
The advantage of virtualisaztion moving the logical machine to another physical location can easily get blocked.
The number of physical processor can be quite different in performance.
Maintaining several machiens with different licensefiles can become a nightmare
Ending up with a bad running environment.

SAS Background    Company sizing    SAAS Planning    SAAS by SAS    top  bottom

SAAS documented by SAS

General Approach - Software As A Service - ´in the cloud´

subject area link
Service Oriented BI for the service chain .. wp_3530
Benefits and value of Modernizing your SAS(R) Assets
BI shared Service .. 261-2009 saas
Design Architecture SAS Modern Design .. 205-2007
centrally managed design.. 341-2009
sas-hadoop-a-peek-at-the-technology. 2012/03/06
Case Securex 2010 (B) Modernization securex part-1
Modernization securex part-2
Design Security security meta-data .. 199-2007
92 security .. 311-2010
menu tailoring- roles .. 324-2010
SAS in the cloud SAS has embraced this approach a lot of information can be found on their site. But their site is so overwhelming, hardly the wanted information can be found. Therefore I give some links:

Within the educational books SAS is working with the fake company "Orion-star" delivering sport attributes. All exercises and task are stimulating this to central managed implementation. The course of -platform administrator- is the key part.

So when running some analytics of the business with SAS you would like newsletters. Here you can find them: archived letters tech reports    
SAS at you tube

sas for dummies Also the blog of Chris Hemedinger a good point to start for informatin about SAS.

More technical links can be found at My Notes
The glossary contains lot (external) explanations of words

SAS Background    Company sizing    SAAS Planning    SAAS by SAS    top  bottom
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