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ALC type2 Business Apllications - 3GL

ICT, an organization living by change.

Vmap layers choices ALC type3 Data modelling The change of an organizatizion can occur by big overhauls, complete transformations, or by smaller evolutionary steps.

Evolutionary is more robust, reliable and trustworthy than big disruptive.

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Intro ICT, an organization living by change. 01.01
V2 develop ALC-v2 Software Development lines. 02.01
minimize artifacts Changing a minimalistic number of artifacts. 03.01
types artifacts Different types of artifacts. 04.01
V2 low code 3Gl, 4Gl, 5GL, low code, code generation. 05.01
What next Step by step, Travelling the unexplored. 06.00
Following steps 06.02

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🚧 ALC type2 Business Apllications - 3GL
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Progress Conversion

ALC-v2 Software Development lines.

Doing release management is about promting artifacts or more complex objects (entities). Knowing what it is technically and logically about is a prerequisite.
To cite:
In order to successfully move an entity from one environment to another, a number of key questions must first be addressed: (text copied from CA IDMS Promotion Management)

In the classic application life cycle mangement (ALC-v2) the focus is on programs, software that can be run (executed). All information during the life cycle is stored archived in a "Software Library".
In a picture:


Changing a minimalistic number of artifacts.

Using concatenation is a concept optimizing: resource usage, removing redundancy, avoiding confusion, avoiding regression.
Concatenation reusing what is already there.
It is not always possible wiht all technologies. It is commonly not well understood. For an xplanation: there is difference what is really physical present in the stage and what you see as present in the stage. Three possible scenarios in a movie:

ALC-v2 Software Development lines
With parallel development it gets more complicated. There is a normal maiantenance (master), emergency fix, and poosible several new green fields.
The decision for updates whether they are to propogate to other lines or are obsolete can´t be an automated decision. Only involved developers can known and should decide. An explanation attempt in a movie:


Different types of artifacts.

The concept of a database, dictionary generating code maintaining data lineage is an old one
IDD IDMS- storage metadata business logic
It contains database definitions, source code, application definitions, 3270 screen layouts, DC/UCF system configuration parameters, and security authorizations. Compilers and tools populate the dictionary as part of defining objects such as databases and CA ADS applications and extensive facilities are provided for reporting and ad hoc querying.
There are typically two types of dictionaries within a CA IDMS environment: a system dictionary and an application dictionary. A system dictionary is used to record information about CA IDMS systems and physical database definitions. Application dictionaries contain logical database definitions and application-related entities such as screen layouts and pre-defined source code. As a programmer, you will access application dictionaries to compile programs and reference the logical description of a database.
Integrated Data Dictionary (CA IDMS Reference - 19.0)
IDD IDMS - Logic: database artifacts not operating system files.
That low code approach looks hypermodern in 2019, however this was technology in the 80´s. Learning from those experiences using that way of working is still relevant.

3Gl, 4Gl, 5GL, low code, code generation
5gl (wikipedia) A fifth-generation programming language (5GL) is any programming language based on problem solving using constraints given to the program, rather than using an algorithm written by a programmer.
❓ This is not a clear context.
programming language generations (techtarget 2007 Margaret Rouse) 5GL or fifth-generation language is programming that uses a visual or graphical development interface to create source language that is usually compiled with a 3GL or 4GL language compiler. Microsoft, Borland, IBM, and other companies make 5GL visual programming products for developing applications in Java, for example. Visual programming allows you to easily envision object-oriented programming class hierarchies and drag icons to assemble program components.
✅ This context is more clear. All kind of tools adding that visual graphical approach are 5gl. Promoting maintaining those elementary information is going for the metadata content used by them.
💣 The resulting code by those 5-gl tools is commonly not any more maintainable by human developers because of the complexity by those generic code algorithms.


3Gl, 4Gl, 5GL, low code, code generation.

The concept of using an intermediate storage area for maintaining business logic is NOT the maintenance of sorce code lines.
IDD IDMS- metadata driven logic releases.
Promotion Management is the process wherein entities are moved from environment to environment within the software development life cycle. When these environments consist of multiple dictionaries, application development typically involves staged promotions of entities from one dictionary to another, such as Test to Quality Assurance to Production. This movement can be in any direction, from a variety of sources.

IDD IDMS - Promote release using export import wiht control checks.
Promotion Management CA IDMS Reference - 19.0)
Exporting metadata from one dictionary (database) to another is the solution for release management. Adding controls checks with a Change Control Database is closing the mandatory administration requirement (CMDB).

ALC-v2 IDD Metadatabase
three layers building on the previous production version.

 horse sense

Step by step, Travelling the unexplored.

Good releasemanagement is not automagically solved by tools.
Challenge: remaining at 3-gl schemes.
Releasing artifacts belonging to processes is a generic activity.
One upon a time 3-gl programming languages having source code and the runnable - executable - version after compliation was the standard way.
The issue is: the approach, having source code lines to be compiled into programs, is a very special case. Is is not fiting the generic. Problematic will it become when a misfit gets forced, using some tooling.
three layers building on the previous production version. Using a pictogram for the objects composed of exported artifacts from a metdata database (repository / dictonary).

Challenge: minimizing change artifact impact by concatenation.
Making duplicates and afterwards trying to solve the unintended impact of copying doesn´t sound a smart approach.
The copying is necessary in a distributed personal computer appraoch without auditing and/or monitoring. In a centralized approach with centralized repositories and good coöperation, the copying is redundant.
Giving up that solistic local way of working is difficult for persons.

Unexplored joureney Enterprise
Transforming processes.
Change is a the only constant factor of a journey. Never knowing for sure what is next. Changing fast is exploring where no one has gone before.
The people around ICT are a different kind of species than the ones running the business. Understanding the business during fast transitions is another world.

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ALC type2 Business Apllications - 3GL
👓 ALC type3 Low code Analytics, Business

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