Design SDLC - Software Development Life Cycle

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Ideas concepts "versions" testing releases deployment

ICT at an organization by layers.

$ kwadrants sdlc bpm devops sdlc design bpm design bianl devops bpm devops bianl The organisatizion powered by ICT in a ship like constellation.
The engines (data center) out of sight below visibility.

Serving nultiple customers (multi tenancy) for best performance and the best profits on all layers.

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Intro ICT at an organization by layers. 01.01
DTAP 101 DTAP Introduction 02.01
👓 layers deep dive layers, VMAP 02.xx
Perspectives DTAP, Dimensions - Perspectives 03.01
👓 Dimensions Multiple dimensions layers *stages 03.xx
BP-mdl2 Business Proces model-2, ALC 04.01
👓 ALC type2 Business Apllications - 3GL ALC 04.xx
BP-mdl3 Business Proces model-3, ALC 05.01
👓 ALC type3 Low code Analytics, Business ALC 05.xx
What next Change ICT - Transformations 06.00
Following steps 06.02


DTAP Introduction

DTAP Layers Multiple dimensions
The high level concepts, enterprise architect, global guidelines, the governance are leading. There are three lines for relase-management, versioning, with their dependicies. Those are:
Stages DTAP
The DTAP Develop, Test (integration), Acceptance (Logic -User, Technical, Persons Education) are part of a life cycle. The waterfall model (figure wikipedia) is well known. There are several words being different and some are not present in the DTAP staging. waterfall wikipedia

VMAP - DTAP dependicies
Realizing a DTAP implementation using the VMAP model is recommended.
Considerations: vmap sdlc
The process design in the infographic VMAP is an old one.

It is combined with TMAP. TMap NEXT is an approach to structured testing.
ISTQB is a better approach practicing testing.

(vmap deep details, 👓 click figure)

DTAP dimensions - perspectives

PDCA cycle SDLC refinement
PDCA cycle refined with SDLC
Example steps refined cycle: Not every step needs to be executed, the disposal is only done when it is the result of the evaluation.

Running, Maintaining - Developping Building
Before you can build something you have to organize the working force. There is a reversed order, starting at the bottom it looks like:
pyramid top down pyramid bottom up
Building, starting at the bottom (right).

Organizing the workforce, starting at the bottom (left).

Building a ICT system is more easy when it is an new one. Maintaining and changing whats is operational is more challenging. It is like:
revZ lifecycle Z lifecycle
Maintaining, starting multiple at the top ltr (right).

New System, starting at the top ltr (left).
Details on perspectives dimensions, 👓 click one of the figures.

Starting Left to right (ltr) working to an end.

Business Proces model-2, ALC

Deployment - Release - Versions
Deployment (release management) while documenting of the active software versions, what has been deployed and being used, is a business requirement. In ICT frameworks used in legal directives, versioning - release mangement, is mentioned.

SDLC is touching almost anything in an ICT environment. It is getting most attention in organizing the work getting done. The following relationships are here in the mindmap approach:
More links associated - entry/exit
Is used at:
👓 Machine supported develop Change ML AI.
👓 threats for data & tools Proces Life Cycle.
👓 resulting Life Cycle ALM, business Life Cycle.
Details to be found at:
👓 Business Intelligence,Analytics .
👓 Data Information Flow.
👓 Meta data Naming - versions.
👓 Math Software engineering.

💣 Versioning is mentioned with ITSM (IT Service Management) for the operational usage (Production), not for what developpers are doing daily.

Classic model-2 Life Cycle
There are two components involved: a/ "business data" and b/ "business logic".
Business applications layers, building on inta including tools.
The classic well known SDLC focusses only on the "business logic".
The "business data" set aside, isolated, not approachable.

👓 Click on the figure for details on classic deployment.

Component properties:
  1. Data : There will be no exchange between the DTAP stages.
    Data in the non-production stage are fake, not traceable to natural persons.
  2. Logic: Artifacts may be promoted by:
    1. copy everything, also all the ones not in scope for change - maintenance.
      In a distributed environment whithout connectivity this is the only option.
    2. only having those being changed in scope temporarly locked for work.
      In a centralized environment very well to govern wihtout the burden of duplicates.

Business Proces model-3, ALC

The Life Cycle using analytics &robotics is different. The classic approach valid for logic but getting extended.
Modelling (developping) is based on the business production data, with all resulting dependicies and consequences. The artifacts and deployment must be more clear classified compared to the "business logic only" approach.

Model ML building cycle.
Developping logic,
new terminology "model"
The modelling part has got his own life cycle:
Instead of human defined decisons it is humand guided, computer assisted, best decision (champion) too choose by business responsibility.

Low code Analytics, Business ALC
three layers building on the previous production version. There are up to five components involved.
Haven choosen the best decision a deployment is to be set up. The development line connecting to the operational line.

Details on modernized deployment, 👓 click on the figure.

Component properties:
  1. Logic Data: The data delivery (ER star-model) is done for modelling and scoring seperately. The data model is almost the same, except:
    • Development line: As much as possible PII (Personal Identifiable Information) is excluded, historical data made in extended periods.
    • Operational line: PII data is included when needed in deliveries, historical data only for relevant periods.
  2. Logic Data: Needing a denormalized table is doen as part of modelling (data preparation).
  3. Logic: Artifacts in an automated deleivery container made available for scoring.
  4. External Connections, delivery, Are part of the automated scoring proces. Good care is needed. Becoming part of release management.
  5. The behavior of the model being a result of the modelling phase. Reports on lift, expected errors, reliability performance. Becoming all part of release management.

Change ICT - Transformations

Dell Emc Cloud promotion

building yourself anything, everything is costly. The on-premise solutions have that association. Promoting an ICT transformation.
dell emc it transformation storymap
IT organizations need to be able to deliver an efficient, automated, and repeatable environment that is focused on the applications that are being built and delivered. IT should not focus on how to get the various components of the infrastructure to operate together.
That is a change to the -AAS service delivery. Do not expect it to be easy when multiple "someones else" are running your environment.

Following steps

Missing link design bianl design bpm devops bpm devops sdlc devops bianl
These are design sdlc concepts, others:

Business Intelligence & Analytics 👓 next
bpm, business process previous 👓 topic.

Others are operational realisations: 👓

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