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Design BiAnl- Business Intelligence - Analytics

Improving business using changing technology

Explaining - Predicting, processing operations

BI life The world of BI and Analytics is challenging. Decisions that have impact as strategy in the boardroom.

To know what is going on and what is needed distance on details is required.

Bi & Analytics in Practice

Business Intelligence (BI), Management Information System (MIS), Executive Information System (EIS) are alle the same, just using different words.
The goal is only informing management with figures so they can make their mind up with what do in the future. The spreadsheet use by mangement doing the analyses for decisions.

Another reason is doing the required operational reporting that were once being included at the on premise build solutions.

🔰 Too fast .. previous.

Why BI ?

Business Intelligence (BI) is having a very simple goal:
📚 give a good description of what is happening.
Why Business Intelligence
In the years before BI was normal, the standard reports were delivered as being part of the proces job log. The reports being printed on paper were archived for a long period, requiring a lot of space and cabinets.

Extracting those figures was later done by archiving those prints in an electronic way. Alerts and inoming management in an intelligent was human manual hard work. The spreadsheet being a key enabler replacing most of that manual work.

Business Intelligence Proces

Business Intelligence Proces
In this flow:

Why Analytics ?

Analytics, Operations Research (BI) is having a more advanced goal:
📚 what could happen in the future.
Why Analytics, Machine Learning
This augmenting BI doing extrapolations, regresions wiht probablities what could haapen.
Aside of time series this is also applicable for events. Customer churning, customer experience,cross selling and marketing to get new customers was the next devlopment (campaigns).

Analytics and Bi differences

📚 &#128218 info books &#127917 faces up/down communication &#9881 gear technology &#9878 scales legal - analytics

Analytics Proces

analytics proces
In this flow:

Change ICT - Emc Cloud promotion

emc big data storymap
A nice The big data journey rivisited scmarzo 2013.

Following steps

Missing link

These are high level considerations.

Intermezzo 👓 for what I couldn´t classify in the six basic topics: bpm sdlc bianl - data meta math.

What is not there are: 👓 the details how you do it.

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