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Improving processes - change transitions

Explaining - optimizing, processing operations.

BI life Value stream Data informa types Improving business processes is an old topic. In technical change hypes often overlooked as the thing that really matters.

The decisions are boardroom responsibilities. The advices what to be improved is by looking at the shop floor.

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Intro Explaining - optimizing, processing operations. 01.01
Why BPM Why Engineering Organisations. 02.01
initiator-executor The process circle in engineering organisations. 03.01
Process Mining Process Mining. 04.01
cycle BPM Elementary process cycle. 05.01
What next Inventing changing Operations. 06.00
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🕶 data info types different types of data
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👓 Value Stream of the information product
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This chapter is partially fresh, partially converted. Topics are:
dual feeling

Why Engineering Organisations.

BPM - Business Process Modelling. The model of a business has the goal of understanding the business so you can improve things.
Demo - Design and Engineering Methodology for Organizations.
The first thing to be recognized is that organizations are designed and engineered artefacts, like automobiles and information systems. The distinctive property of organizations is that the active elements are human beings, more specifically human beings in their role of social individual or subject.
...... only if one recognizes that the core of organization is in the coordination processes (the entering into and complying with commitments) and not in the production processes, can one understand the operation of these kinds of organizations.
ee-institue The deep structure of business processes (2015 Dietz) Interviews and Practitioner´s Publications

The process circle.
The demo figure is placing the customer at the left side, the executor right. The product flow is right to left where it is normal left to right.
The request delivery cycle
Personal I prefer to stick with an left to right flow of the product delivery. This is coming back in the value stream. The Pull request is right to left and the Push delivery Left to Right.

dual feeling

The process circle in engineering organisations.

Words are used to explain the engineering to others. The vocabulary for managing structuring organisations is not consistent. Words for even simple processes have that diffusion in perspectives.
The glossary by words is not consistent.
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customer delivery
requestor performer
request provide
initiator executor
Pull Push
service request ---- Service provider

Essential the same,but different words.

It is about the intentions with those words. The chosen word and how they are written is irrelevant.
Demo layers
Operation, Information, Documentation
With DEMO several types of inforamtion are defined.
  1. The clear value O-Organisation.
  2. The associated I-organisation on what is happening.
  3. D-organisation what is required as documentation.

This is a limited list if inforamtions types, there are many more.

Requestor Informing by predictive, prescriptive reporting.
The requestor at the right side-up with delegated specfications what to be deleivered right side down.
The proces circle (product flow left to right)

Who is who in the execution, product creation, operation, is not visible. The shop floor is were the money is gnerated but too often getting ignored.
That left side is split up in preparation & information documentation and the operational delivery tn
dual feeling

Process Mining.

Improving something is requiring understanding of the existing situation. Improving processes not really knowing what is going and than mine those processes.
Big data - IOT 4.0
The hype (2019) is in getting data. To exagerate data is allabout, store data in datalakes. The expectation is that by some magic (big data , data science) processes will improve automagically.
The reality is that impeovemetn of processes is hard work, sometimes many years are needed to achieve goals.

Reverse engineering processes.
Process mining techniques allow for extracting information from event logs. For example, the audit trails of a workflow management system or the transaction logs of an enterprise resource planning system can be used to discover models describing processes, organizations, and products. Business Intelligence Proces
Disc over your processes.
Business process management (BPM) is usually a top-down approach. You start by designing your process in a high-level model.
Then, you configure a system for managing and controlling your process.
This system then coordinates work between your employees, and other resources in your organization.
Fluxicon Disco ver your processes
The process discovery has its value in the for humans not visible events and actions being flow: Process mining can analyze your process in a bottom-up fashion. You don't need to have a model of your process to analyze it ? Process mining uses the history data in your IT systems.
Your IT system already records all steps of your process in execution. With process mining, you get a process model from these data. This way, your real process, and actual business rules, can be discovered automatically.

Big data - Analyzing events
💣 Analysing processes is requiring data. In information processes the number of available events is usually much bigger (volume), generating often (velocity) even chaning quick as of used tools (varicity). Not every system techniacal system environmment is suited to do this kind of work. Wiht guided sampling the size can get decreased.
This kind of analysis seems to be a fit in a shop floor review, not for continous monitoring.

dual feeling

Elementary process cycle..

As long there is a relevant process, that process should continously reviewed and in time improved or abandoned when there are changes. The world is changing continously.
Process cycles at ICT
There are many process cycles at ICT. A generic one is at the SDLC chapter. That one is not technical oriented but focus on the business goals.
Practical example using the process cycle
Improving a business process is a cycle. Adding the vlaue stream concepts is more focussing on business goals. (Link - reference is at the figure)

In today´s digital context, business process is considered to be the composition of di erent activities involving informationization technologies (IT) and people working together to achieve an organizational goal. Organisations are rigorously redesigning business processes using several best practices with the aim of improving their operations in terms of time, quality, cost, and flexibility [4].
proces circle objects
The typical BOOM steps followed by a business analyst in the software development life cycle (SDLC) of an enterprise system are as follows:
Improving the helpdesk proces using tickets as a service provider applying value stream. Not only defining there is a proces according to ITIL, The proces can be oursoured, but reviewing that with value on activities.

Inventing change Operations.

There are different views in a process. One is focussing on the processing activities another is focussing on the product, sub products with qualities. They are strong related, processes are changing products (input) into a new different products (output).
Adding value
💣 Analysing processes is requiring data. There is no real overhead created when the data already present in the main proces can be used. Adding overhead only by generating the data needed should be evaluated by its adding valued component.
Only adding overhead with the goal of satisfying managers delivering them nice reports, is too often not sensible.

Two powers data and processes
From the same process mining source as previous. ( wil van der aalst)
Business Process
Questions on processes can be found in data
Processes are delivering data (events)

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🕶 data info types different types of data
info types different types of information
👓 Value Stream of the inforamtion product
👓 transform information Working cell
👓 bi tech Business Intelligence, Analytics

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