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Explaining - Design BiAnl- Business Intelligence - Analytics

Improving processes - change transitions

Cubicle - work place - process cell

BI life BI technology Data inventory In the transition of information the working cell is imaginary, when there is an human operator he is visible.

Two worlds to deal with in then information stream. The physical is too common, the cyber representative is the challenger.

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Cubicle Intro Explaining - Cubicle - work place - process cell. 01.01
Input process output Process work cell - input output. 02.01
+ Inventory + tools Using tools and having some inventory 03.01
process goto's Swim lanes - duality too detailed and missing details. 04.01
Cell circle Full Process work cell circle. 05.01
What next Inventing change Transformations. 06.00
Following steps. 06.02

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👓 info types different types of information
👓 Value Stream of the inforamtion product
🚧 transform information Working cell
👓 bi tech Business Intelligence, Analytics


THis chapter is partially fresh, partially converted. Topics are:
idef0 process design

Process work cell - input output.

Transforming Information.
IDEFØ is a method designed to model the decisions, actions, and activities of an organization or system. IDEFØ was derived from a well-established graphical language, the Structured Analysis and Design Technique (SADT).
In December 1993, the Computer Systems Laboratory of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released IDEFØ as a standard for Function Modeling in FIPS Publication 183.
It is not a standard anymore. The basic concept of describing a cell transforming something like information is still valid.

The information flow limited to the main data object.
lean object data oriented
Following the main stream information going from supplier to customer is ignoring proces transforamations.

Several types of information:

Adding four quadrants of proces steps for each inforamtion transition process.
lean proces oriented
Quadrants defining transition type during processing. Acknowledging the data flow by the colored diagonal in-out partitions.

Four stages in the process, lean (pull): Note: A push approach only has I,II

dual feeling

Using tools and having some inventory.

Adding needed supplies additional data.
Every process is needing materials at the assembly / transition. When external dependency and/or external delivered the start of a process step must wait.
  1. ⚙ ⚖ The waiting time to be monitored in the pull request.
  2. IV As the request is seen in the transition the parts availability is checked.
  3. 🚧 IV When missing an ordering for delivery is done.
  4. III Vhen availale processing continues as maianstream flow.
The request for parts is remotely handled by going through a similar circle entering at quadrant IV delivery at quadrant II.
lean object data oriented
Adding two lines for the needed addition communication. Extrenally losely coupled whereas in the same environment a direct connection gives the best response.

Adding the used tool as informations process.
Every process is needing some tools at the assembly / transition. Those tools are effecting the objects and have their own life cycle with their own information flows.
IOT 4.0
lean proces oriented
New types of information related to the used tool (iot 4.0):

Adding two additional communication lines between the tool information and product information.
👓 There is no segregation in the source origin of the information.
Information consumers on the prodcut flow will always get a consistent story.

dual feeling

Swim lanes - duality too detailed and missing details.

connecting points by goto's.
Modelling processes programs for new situations are always resulting in nice structured diagams. Of course nice as it is thought what is not reality.
proces objects swimlane
A very detailed flow with a scope with who is to do what kind of detailed action (swimmlane) is getting a lot of goto's.

When more exceptions are inluded this will become cumbersome like a spaghetti diagram. But a spaghetti diagram can help you if you want to reduce the distance traveled by either parts or people.

The exceptiions are not seen or even mentioned when seeing a value stream map. Those detail are left to the floor as long as the measured values are acceptable

A detailed planning and working proces map using sticky notes is very a ver complicated figure.
allboutlean Christopher Roser - swimlanes

strcuturing flows.
spaghetti proces flow An old technical approach for strcuturing is known. s an ol EWD1308 "A case against the goto statement"

We did the only thing we could do under the circumstances, viz. to keep our design as simple and systematic as we could and to check that we had avoided all the mistakes we could think of. Eventually we learned that we had made mistakes we had not thought of, ..
Course Structured programming The disadvantages of unstructured spaghetti
Programming Logic and Design goto Programming Logic and Design
Simple question: Why don't we organize processes in the same structured way as was done wiht structured programming.


Full Process work cell circle.

Excuting a single working cell process.
This in a timeline following the:
📚 Information, ==>> The Pull request
🎭 Communication ==>> Preparing needed supplies
      and tool configuration in a planned moment.
Technology ==>> Fullfiling the request in a Push.

This is about the value line (blue artifacts). There can be many inputs and many deliverables. Other processes like the life cycle of tooling are relevant, but those are requirements able to do the job.

proces circle objects

Information flows in the work cell process.
Limiting the view on the worker in a cell - cubicle, the question is what is expected as of some handling. The whole flow and values stream is not visible.
proces circle objects

In the values stream flow from input to output the activties are supported by tools and information. Several stages are possible seen.

handy tool

Inventing change Transformations.

Controlling change Transformations as a flow.
🤔 This detailed process cell is giving an option to design information processing gettting aligned to a value stream approach.
The goal of producing parts into a an assembly getting defined products.

Two powers: data and processes
Recap: From the same process mining source as previous. ( wil van der aalst)
Business Process
Questions on processes can be found in data
Processes are delivering data (events)

Combined pages as single topic.
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👓 info types different types of information
👓 Value Stream of the inforamtion product
transform information Working cell
👓 bi tech Business Intelligence, Analytics

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